History of Logan County


The authorization came from the Ohio government the Logan County should be created on December 30, 1817. The county was named after a hero of the American wars and revolution; Benjamin Logan. Previously, the county was part of the land that was reserved to the Indian people of Ohio under the Greenville Treaty. The Logan County is situated in the northwestern Ohio where it is rural predominantly. John A. Martin declared the formation of the county by proclamation where officers were appointed to hold the office until the elections, and legally qualified officers took place. At this time, the county had a population of 3, 122.


County seat


After some time, the election took place majorly to locate the position of the county permanently, and there were 1,022 cast votes. Russell Springs had the majority of the votes compared to the other cities hence it was declared as the county seat. The city developed to be a thriving community where they had a courthouse built. In the year 1890, the courthouse grounds donated gifts of one hundred trees to the commissioners. Before 1963, Russell springs remained to be the county seat, but then it was changed to Oakley. However, the movement was done after months of heated conflict.


Additionally, the county experienced high population growth. This is because the people from rural area moved the city of the state to find better lives. The population growth averaged to 8.7 percent between 1990 and 2000, and this had a total number of 46,005 residents. As mentioned early about people moving to the rural areas, there were a lot of service industries and manufacturing businesses in the rural areas. Also, health centers and tourism are some of the things that contributed to people moving to these areas some looking for employment.


The farming in the county ranks fourth while the retail position ranks third. The county has some tourist attractions such the lake state park, the Ohio Caverns, and the zone caverns. The per capita income in 1990 from the county was nearly twenty-five thousand dollars. This had about 9.5 people who lived in poverty. This means that the Logan County had done a lot to improve economically. The county also decided to put enough infrastructures in place in order to create employment for the people who were moving to the city. Due to this, Logan country saw its economy grow quicker than the other counties.

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Logan County today


Most of the voters of the Logan County call themselves to be independent. However, in the last few years, they have supported the candidates of the Republican Party at the national level overwhelmingly. Logan County has some schools and hospitals, and the first of them were located in Oakley and some in Winona. The county initially had ten townships that included Augustine, Lees, Logansport, and Western. The land was taken from two municipalities and therefore forming Paxton. Just like the beginning, there was only one city which was Oakley. Logan County has grown regarding political, social and economically.